Acting Up

Actors are hustlers in league with directors hired to showcase the work of writers fighting to stop those two vultures stealing all the credit. Advertisements


September Seeps: Scarves & Socks by Mitch Lang September seeps in. That quilt is starting to feel a little light. The one you would kick off a few days earlier. Something frisky hints at change. Morning is late. That stuffy nose feeling. That first light scarf. The one you bought on the Summer sales. When … Continue reading

The Xmas Atheist

Who am I to question belief, if it pacifies the mob! Who am I to question the mob, without belief! ***** The atheist argues in friendly tone against Charlemagne’s sword and Constantine’s creed, espousing virtue over revolution, but talk is worthless without deed; concrete, tangible steps to dismantle the Christmas stocking. Be serious. Boycott Christmas.  yes you … Continue reading

Strawberry Elephants

Mitch Lang deciphers the intricacies of poetic thought. And effect. Playdough I could say, He didn’t understand a thing About my poem! But what gives me the right? I may be the one to write, Those lines, But he is the interpreter. I may know what they Meant for me, But once I decide To … Continue reading

United We Fall

A letter, a plea, to Manchester United Manager David Moyes. Dear Mr Moyes, as Manchester United supporters and fans we’ve had to endure a lot under your reign, historic and record losses, boring football, mediocrity, and even worse, humiliation. We’ve put up with it, out of respect for Sir Alex Ferguson and in the belief … Continue reading

goodbye for now

Dear Readers, thank you for your support over the last year of blogging, it is truly appreciated and will continue to be. However, I consider it fair to inform you that I feel exhausted from blogging, a feeling many of you have experienced.  It’s time for me to take a step back. I will continue … Continue reading

Freshly Pressed! 11 Guidelines

note: FP=freshly pressed Every blogger dreamt of freshly pressed! Now they dream of ‘discover’, WordPress’ seal of approval and introduction to the world. Many recipients are truly deserving but just as many leave you shaking your head in bewilderment. Is there a fair process, a formula, or is it just a lottery? Whatever it may be, … Continue reading

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