Operations Manual

The Keys’ to my flatHow The Ship Works: 

Main template: Star Trek Universe. However, ‘The Paradox, – my ship – has the capacity and the gadgets to explore additional universes – Stargate & Star Wars, Hitchhikers Guide, Farscape, etc,.. The ship is in constant flux.

The Primary Menu

NERD ON THE BRIDGE – The home button (main page).

High Yield Warheads: Prime Warhead; used for direct assaults on the Establishment. Bio-molecular Warhead: deployed to annihilate, cripple, or contain the most serious threat to humanity – Religion.

Verifier Scan: Honest journalism. Opinion, hard news and controversy. It is up to you, the reader, to verify what has been written.

Earl Grey. Hot: Excerpts from personal manuscripts. Not to be reproduced in any form without the Author’s consent; permission is not granted.

Cookies & Scones: A repertoire of sweet & sticky nibbley bits, from the galaxy’s foremost Irish poet, the inimitable Mitch Lang.  

Warp Core: Nothing about  me.

Observation Lounges: places of reflection, on what was, is, and yet to come.

Scifi Battles (observation lounge B): “reporting live from the bridge.”

Transporter Room 1: individual categories.

Other Menus:

The Ready Room:  whatever is ready.

The Wormhole: No worms. Goes somewhere.

The Jedi: Top Posts & Pages: The things you like. Don’t. If you haven’t read it. They want to be appreciated for their inner value, not for their good looks.

Galactic High Council: This grid is constantly being scrambled, but key members remain.  Also used an a boarding point – please note: maximum capacity 100 blogs. I retain an extra folder in my bookmarks for other blogs I like.  

a. Admission to the High Council – requirements:

1. Cool visuals – this blog is extremely visual.

2. Courtesy. Original content. Talent

b. grounds for discharge:

AWOL. Repitition (the same post in a different costume). SPAM: even if unintentional (countless posts daily) drives me crazy. Deceit: following me and liking my posts without visiting my page.

The Neutral Zone/ Commander Riker’s Quarters: Will Riker, the First Officer of The Enterprise  is a lover of women and a brilliant poker strategist. Can you defeat him? Pull up a chair. Quick registration, no fees, free poker chips.

The Q Continuum: A God-like singular plurality who toys with The Enterprise crew for the sole purpose of amusement, anything to blunt the boredom of infinite existence. There are better ways to amuse yourself without putting lives at risk, such as, on Risa(party time), or deep in the bowels of Quark’s Emporium(Reviews & Recommendations). 

Sub-space Messages: Places to go. People to see.

Tricorders (bits and bobs and funny odds and ends).

Bloodwine: drunken rants.

Wir Sind Borg(we are the Borg): Bilingual Menu. Anti-Matter Spread; photo essays and reblogs. Nanoprobes; identifies  any abnormalities in our society. Neural Transceivers(brain uplink); used to communicate directly(in German) with the students in my semester.

Like the Borg, I have no interest in your race, or ethnicity, just you, if you’re smart and decent. Resistance is futile.

Vic’s Bar: House of mirrors where none exist.

Things You Stare at Most: Continue staring if you need an explaination.

Lost-in-Space Dwellers: Dwellers. Lost in Space. Space is big. Easy to get lost.

Dixon Hill Detective Agency: Problem? Dix will solve it for you.

Ford Prefect’s Towel: People you’ve hitched a ride with.

Transporter Room 2: All categories on a single touch-screen terminal.

Mr Worf! Full Phaser Spread Zero Elevation: Everything I’ve written.

A final note: I will visit your page as often as I can , but it may take a while sometimes because I have to study and I write a lot, but rest assured, this ship will visit your sector with shields at maximum and all guns blazing. Indeed.

26 Responses to “Operations Manual”
  1. dhonour says:

    That is one well organized manual. Are you a Virgo by any chance?

    • lexborgia says:

      Danke. Am I Virgo? No. Are you single? Wait, single isn’t a star sign; I always get that mixed up 🙂 Seriously now. I’m Leo. Does that answer several questions at once?

  2. tinkadele says:

    The manual does help. 😉

  3. Very creatively written, your “Operations Manual” and helpful! Noticed you visited again and left a like on my post “Rice for a Day” so I wanted to say thanks! Also noticed the top 10 below…thanks for that, too! 🙂

  4. Bastet says:

    Very interesting manual…and pilosophical approach! Don’t forget your towel….

  5. Hello, Thank you very much for visit my site. Cheers!

  6. I really like the way you’ve set up your blog. Now, where to go first… warheads or hot tea?

  7. Thanks for the licke, drop on by and find out what happens to the families of the land! Fair warning. Some kids get hurt.

  8. janeybgood says:

    Hi there,

    I nominated you for one of those award things because I’m nice like that.
    Yes, this is a generic message but when you visit my post and see how long it is, you won’t judge me.

    So why don’t you hop on over and view the post. Being beer, or cake.

  9. onemunchingmomma says:

    Hey! Visiting you again with a different message. Didn’t know how to send one personally, so I’ll do it this way. I have not forgotten about the recipe you sent me via video…I am planning on trying it out and posting the recipe on my blog, so thanks again for your generosity in sharing it! 🙂

  10. Very nice blog. I’ll be returning!

  11. lexborgia says:

    Thank you very much.Today is ‘The Day of the Doctor.’, and this was a jolly good start.

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