Observation Lounge B

‘The owl and the pussycat went to sea, in a beautiful pea-green boat.                                    

They took some honey and plenty of money, wrapped up in a 5 pound note.’

Jan. 16. 2013 – – Jupiter Moons.

After 10 days delay due to ruptures in the dilithium chamber, we’re off.  I returned to earth in the interim to continue preparing for my upcoming exam(the one I have to repeat). Which brings me to explaining how all this came about. Let’s put it this way: Star Trek is not a figment of Gene Roddenberry’s imagination(he thinks it is); there exists a quantum or parallel universe – several – from which, cosmic energy travels in a conduit stream, becomes essense and redistributes itself evenly among the many universes, birthing ideas, notions, deja vu and the longing to discover what’s out there.

I was chosen because I am the only person on any Earth who firmly believes – without being petrified – in Aliens. It’s the thing I’ve always wanted, to meet them, talk to them and get the hell off this planet. This Voth uses a QTD(quantum transportation device) to transport me through the barrier to his universe, direct unto the bridge of any Starfleet ship I choose. The QTD also monitors my vitals through a transponder. I am never in any real danger.

The Voth are a technically advanced species, reptiles, genetically related to us, but the Ministry of Elders label such thoughts as heresy. This Voth, a scientest, needs a liver from a human-being of a certain age –  something about dormant DNA patterns. With my liver, he intends to present irrefutable evidence that Voth and Human are related. He’s a nice guy, this Voth, but I’m human, and on my planet! One hand washes the other, or nothing doing: Vothman gets to prove his point and maybe lose his skin as a reward – the punishment for corrupting the doctrine, but my dreams become reality. I’ll take a slice of that.

As to my ‘choice’ of starships! I can only survive the quantum transport a maximum of six times before cell degeneration takes effect – 4hrs in quantum flux is the max – so I have chosen to go where no man has gone before, to the bridge of Five Starfleet  Battles.

Finally, the Jupiter Moons. Wow. Imagine, the God-makers back on Earth were going to destroy Gallileo’s reputation or have him killed for making this discovery, because it proved them wrong. Do gullible humans, frightened of their mortality, care about such truths? No. Nothing tastes as good as ignorance if it makes you smart and powerful.

Jupiter Moons Gallileo's heresy.

Jupiter Moons
Gallileo’s heresy.

These moons are as far as I go with Kirk, for now; he’s a madman who will probably get me killed, especially when a woman shows up. Next stop? Voyager, where Captain Janeway  and the crew – stranded in the Delta Quadrant – will battle to save themselves and ultimately, humanity, from extinction. I will deliver a detailed account of the battle – live from the bridge.


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