Mommy, I Want A Clown.

A cage full of idiots, the German title for the classic comedy ‘Hogan’s Heroes’, that haberdashery of p.o.w’s whose brilliant plans of escape always go awry, because they are, in effect, a bunch of idiots. Cue to the Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill, who couldn’t escape through an opened door if Stallone’s expendables blew it … Continue reading

Fat Lady Needs Singing Job.

The ballot made America great again, proudly demonstrated in Charlottesville by very fine people on both sides, on both sides. The Nazis killed a girl down there, her name was Heather Hyer, a peaceful and kind, bright light, embodiment of the American ideal, but W.H Chief of Staff General John Kelly didn’t honor her, he … Continue reading

Thievery Corporation

Paul Krugmann is bloody smart, a Nobel winning economist, his numbers never lie, and the latest say, “Trump’s tax plan is bullshit”. A cock and bull story on a phony pony at the state fair, it’s truly amazing, and to witness his base retain a vestige of hope in this pope of a conman enriching … Continue reading

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