Top 13 Chuck Norris Jokes

Originally posted on weirdworld:
1.¬†When Chuck Norris was born the only one who cried was the doctor. Never slap Chuck Norris ūüėČ 2.¬†When Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris 3.¬†Chuck Norris died 20 years ago, Death just hasn’t built up the courage to tell him yet. 4.¬†Chuck Norris…

Blurred Vision

Millions of people voluntarily living and working abroad will never attain the prestigious title of Expat. This thought provoking article in The Guardian newspaper (click on the link below) sheds light on the why, challenging us to critique ourselves, provided we can overcome the self-denial we prefer. Read on. EXPATS vs IMMIGRANTS – Guardian UK.

Portraits in Motion

Please be advised:¬†Fauxetry is renegade kin to the fine arts (it’s rumoured), irreverent in the presence of convention, contemptuous¬†toward scholar and dunce alike. Lawless. Gung-ho. Truly appreciated by the scant few, yet undeterred in crusade. Universal translators will remain offline – fauxetry is untranslatable. portraits in motion: a foem, by guest blogger BBK, from the … Continue reading

Dodging Rainbows

Issue 4 Please remain calm. Summer begins. Travel and outdoors. We get the drift. In addition to the beach towels, shorts and thirst for frozen drinks, we urge you to pack this¬†edition¬†in your luggage as well; we too, are leaving the planet for parts unknown. Cookies and milk are in the refrigerator,¬†the hard stuff on … Continue reading

Dodging Rainbows

Issue 3 Please remain calm. Our¬†gender free smileys¬†are hellbent on dodging¬†rainbows, because rainbows, like good politicians,¬†only appear¬†on dire days long after the damage is done, singing a¬†familiar song: ‘everything’s gonna be¬†alright.’ Rainbows can’t be trusted.¬† You, on the other hand, can¬†trust us¬†to hit you with the whole nine yards. This, the¬†3rd Issue,¬†is a rotten scoundrels¬†expedition,¬†led … Continue reading

Dodging Rainbows

Issue 2 Please remain calm. Women! An enigma. The Hollywood fantasy machine will mislead you as to what they’re really thinking; I will not. A bold claim! No. From God’s lips to my ears – scrumptious revelations. God, is a woman. Let us pray The 2nd edition of¬†Dodging Rainbows¬†shines the spotlight on the traveller¬†with the … Continue reading

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