He’s Paying. Again.

The boy forfeited the wrestling match (against a girl) due to the physical contact involved, and rightly so. Unfortunately, he should never have mentioned religion as one of the reasons, even though we understand the crux of his argument. But hey, he’s a guy – he’s evil.

Naturally, women were quick to jump to her defence, with the usual BS accusation of sexism and, not surprisingly, a litter of other rotters, such as ‘he doesn’t have to touch her breasts or other sensitive body parts’. Another of these naggers even let rip with ‘is he afraid to get a boner? Can’t he control himself?’ How can I wrestle someone without touching them every where? This isn’t the WWF (fake wrestling). Some things are, from a gender perspective, simply inappropriate, regardless of goodwill and independent of the ‘nag nag chorus line’.

How long would we have to wait before a ‘metoo‘ complaint is lodged against boys for inappropriate touching? Not long. Wrestling is, after all, a slithery, touchy exercise; hands are everywhere. Bodies become locked and, are probed incessantly in search of the best hold.

Why aren’t the feminists insisting on par for the sport of boxing? I can’t hear you.

Feminism and gender equality are completely different things but, they both share the same goal; retention of privilege and the attainment of advantage. What’s next? Are you going to demand the same wages for playing football in empty stadiums?

The boy is right. And the women who insists on this travesty are hypocrites who lack the ability to see beyond their own noses. Stupidity is gender neutral. Indeed.


(theguardian.com) Girls Shouldn’t Pay For Anything. Right?


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