Thievery Corporation

Paul Krugmann is bloody smart,

a Nobel winning economist,
his numbers never lie,
and the latest say,
“Trump’s tax plan is bullshit”.

A cock and bull story
on a phony pony at the state fair,
it’s truly amazing,
and to witness his base
retain a vestige of hope in this pope of a conman
enriching himself
in the oval office, absolutely takes the cake.

The news isn’t fake, it’s limited,
talking heads
recycling Russian threads,
while Trump and his clan pass a tax plan
that expands their bottom line.

Corporate rate, golf courses, private jets,
pass-throughs, alternative and estate tax,
these are the branches on Trump’s money tree,
his heartbeat,
it speaks, he listens, he runs, he wins, his hand is in the til,
a tax bill,
that gives him everything he wished
while he was still a private grifter. Impressive.
And right on time for Christmas.


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