Codename: Salvation


On the evening

Brexit trumped
on reason

a devout man

pleaded with me
on a corner in Berlin
a bold mission
to extract my immortal soul
from an imminent peril
of which I was unaware.

He told me I was born a sinner
because a slutty woman
put the wrong thing in her mouth
a henious act:
God was forced to consider her position
and punished the man tenfold
for attempting

to fill the other holes
in her body
with all manner of fruit
an affliction
that plagues him to this day.

We’re all sinners
I told him
to which he responded
“the wages of sin is death”
death comes to all men
– the cycle of life –
“and therefore
can’t possibly be
the consequence of Eve
deciding to eat a dick.”

His fellow first-responder
a bussomed female in her prime
up to that point
smiling pointedly
and took offence
at the characterization
and me
naughtiness rising
invited her to share
“your version of a talking snake
that teases, seduces
and promises
the pleasure of a knowledge
worthy only of the Gods
the longest foreplay in history
at its peak
when Adam
sunk his teeth
into the heart
of that juicy fruit
and they knew heaven!”

I waited
observing in real time
any interest in presenting her case dissipate
the clock was suddenly torn from the wall
and smashed to bits
a verbal fit
from the seething lips
on the fellow
fawning over her
with a talking snake of his own
grunting angrily
instructing me to leave
protectively soothing his Eve’s shoulders
and throwing smouldering words
in my direction
“you’ll never get to heaven”
“God’s mercy isn’t boundless”
“hell is a real place”


on his face, it was obvious;
he desired her
having been a cultist myself
I imagine he wrestled
with his erections
and reflected often
on what would happen
if his lust were to roam freely.

filled with glee
their discomfort
I felt it inappropiate
not to throw another bomb on departure
a piece of advice
“you only live once, not twice
don’t waste your life
eat more fruit
like Adam & Eve did
when life truly begins”

after which
I walked away
to leave a dent
in the world’s oldest sexist tale.

2 Responses to “Codename: Salvation”
  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Wow! Where is this coming from? And I say that in wonderment 🙂

    • lexborgia says:

      Early morning writing: it flows out in one go. New day, new challenges under the auspices of yesterday’s world order. I can see clearly at the dawn of sunrise… when I’m most vulnerable. Truth.

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