None Of The Above

subject: terror in the U.K.

Ariana Grande is praying
building her sympathy concert guestlist
polishing her image
to facilitate a later charge in the charts
as the madman in the whitehouse
pleads for a muslim ban
that religious discrimination
is the only way
to allay
non-whites with a drivers license, a knife
and a mission to Muhammad

Which of these two celebrities
can deliver peace
when in fact
they’re both out of their depth
and only interested
in enriching themselves!
None of the above.

Which prayer
to which God
can solve this problem?
None of the above.

It’s time
for the United Nations
(not the security council)
to step up.

It’s time
for a man/woman
with vision
courage and integrity
to put life and reputation on the line
someone who can listen
and negiotate
a peaceful settlement;
we need a new beginning.

The United Nations
must rediscover its purpose
appoint a peace commission

No Muslim
Christian or Jew
no atheist
no humanbeing
deserves to live this way.
Enough is enough.

12 Responses to “None Of The Above”
  1. makagutu says:

    Enough is enough!
    People can’t live this for way.
    Society will become dysfunctional pretty fast

    • lexborgia says:

      We keep raining terror on these people under the banner of ‘civilisation’, yet we’re appalled and surprised when they strike back. White terror and Arab terror is the same evil. If we consider ourselves ‘superior’ we need to prove it by putting down sword for dialogue. I’m absolutely sick of this tit for tat.

      • makagutu says:

        You and me together. I am sick of hearing it every single day.
        And no one is talking about the white terror anyway. That is collateral damage, fighting terrorism, removing dictators and all. Not aggression.

  2. You can’t negotiate with these murdering bastards. They’re just not open to compromise. I agree about Ariana Grande, and doubly about TFF.

    • lexborgia says:

      That’s probably their sentiments as well. We too, are murdering bastards, but we do it in style to the beautiful commentary of NBC’s Brian Williams and double-cheese-crusted pizza commercials . How could we believe that destroying Iraq and murdering 100,000s of their citizens, plus Syria and Libya, plus the inhumane occupation of Palestinians(over 50yrs) would go unanswered? We sowed the wind; we reaped the whirlwind. Boomerang effect.

      • Don’t be silly. Our attacks on the Middle East are completely unconnected to the rise of fanatical nutjobs who hate the West.

        • lexborgia says:

          No comment, Captain Colonialism Syndrome.

          • No, it’s true. Goodie Two Shoes said so. :/

            • And she’s a politician and everything, so she’s telling the truth.

              • lexborgia says:

                At the beginning I was prone to give her a chance, but she’s quickly showed her colours: state visit, Brexit means Brexit, and offering up herself as a stress ball for Trump to squeeze; now she’s playing the terror card while the other idiots ‘suspend’ their campaigns.
                A world of hurt coming your way, Brits. If only Jeremy was smart enough he would have ran on a ‘no Brexit, but let’s fix it (the people’s concerns)’ platform coupled with peace initiatives and social justice.
                Any thinking man realises that these attacks (+2007) are George Bush’s illegitimate children. She’s a true colonialist, opportunist and right down incompetent leader and a liar of the finest calibre, there for the taking. Woe is Jeremy. Now you’ve gone and made me comment, Fuckwit Nacnud.

  3. kritikagarg says:


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