Happiness Is…!


Women seem less happy

since the grabber-in-chief

rode to victory

on a steed made of pussies

squeezed displeased

fondled bereft of ecstasy

and now

bogged down

in feminist cause

counting losses

propriety held hostage

since the morning

of November 9th 2016

when vulgarity became mainstream 


The only women

having sex these days

are republicans

atop bibles

opened to the Acts of the Apostles

in submission

to husbands

with tiny hands sans morality 


Those Jezebels lied

manufactured x-files 

under the rule of liberals

when cops were compromised

by equal rights

that don’t jive

with man’s sacred rite 

to own

an assistant

with tits

and cooking skills


with the passage of time

forgot her place

and wanted to be President 



will rediscover happiness 

under God’s guidance

during the reign


Mike Pence & Donald Trump

3 Responses to “Happiness Is…!”
  1. nbratscott says:

    So that explains it!
    I’ll have to take the photo of the pope out from under the bed….

  2. tcriggs says:

    “under liberal rule”, interesting… how those who didn’t vote with their vagina still bought into Trump’s ideology?

    (awesome post) 🙂

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