The Ariane Grande concert in Manchester extinguished lives and shattered others, and what do I see in the news? The same ole shit in a fresh paper-bag. Prayers.

What the F*** do your prayers do? I want to know, I need to know. Tell me, please.

What exactly is it you ask for? Do you ask God to punish the terrorist? Do you ask God to protect you from the next one? Guess what, numbnuts! It’s not working.

The next terror event happens, and you repeat the cycle. Wake up.

It seems like worse things happen the more you idiots pray. Just stop.

Your faith (christianity, Judiasm, Islam) is the fucking problem.

People are dead, and the living are shellshocked. Empathy has nothing to do with God. Prevention has nothing to do with God. Our actions determine the opposite reaction. Remember the wedding we dropped a bomb on! – yeah, we did a few of those. What about Iraq, Libya, and the chaos, mass destruction and death we brought to Syria? Will your prayers stop them from seeking revenge? Stop praying. Think. Please.

Protests and the petitioning of our governments will do much more. We are sick of this carnage that your prayers never stop. STFU. We need a sit-down.

President Carter facilitated peace between Egypt and Israel.

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder facilitated a ‘loya jirga’ in Afghanistan when all Bush and Rumsfeld wanted to do was drop bombs and quote scripture. A sit-down, not prayer.

Prayer has no physical application; it doesn’t stop a leaky fawcet, it doesn’t pay my overdraft, it doesn’t make me last longer in bed. And it sure as hell doesn’t help victims of terror. It’s a cheap alternative for cowards and delusionists, requiring no sacrifice or admission of complicity – the sympathetic, blameless bystander who didn’t tease the dog that ripped the kids to shreds. Evil dog; put him down – I’ll pray for you.

Manchester is hurting. And you are praying! Clue me in; share this prayer so I too can be totally blameless and oblivious to reality or…..! Get the fuck outta here.


‘I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours

But I think that God has a sick sense of humour

And when I die, I expect to find him laughing’- Depechemode

5 Responses to “Screech”
  1. Don’t forget the Redbubble cash in on tragedy tee shirts. 19 quid for a tee shirt ‘We stand with Manchester.

    On the same page they say, ‘Like this? You may like these.’

    Yeah the Grande tee shirt with the trademark ears is way up victims’ families’ wish list.


  2. lexborgia says:

    No answers? Noone willing to share that remedial prayer!!

  3. Took the words right out of my mouth. Well done.

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