Catching The Light

I share the same light today,

Generously dancing,


Reflections dingle,

Dangle on the walls,

On the wood,

Behind me and beside,



I want to catch one as they slowly dwindle.

So strong this morning,

Defined and reassuring it was.

Now drawing,

Gentle reflections of an afternoon’s end

Escaping my grasp.

Little branches sway in the garden,

Their rhythm echoes without effort.

Look! How joyous we are.

But hey! We won’t be round,

For much longer,



I want to

Reach out, grab them, hold them up,


As they gently start to fade, so gently,

And I so helpless

Let them,

Dangle and linger…a little longer

Like precious jewels dancing to the melody of dainty

Garden chimes,

Stalling now and then to think,

And dilly dally wonder.

The sun is pale and weak,

Now dying,


Through naked branches,

All bear and born.

Little flies jump and fret on a dusty painted window,

Drowsy light,

White and quickly fading

The siesta nears its end,

Day slips away.

Birds sing a tune of spring,

Safe in saving innocence.

She’s awake.

From The Collected Poems on Light, Some Reflections. Mitch Lang©2013

4 Responses to “Catching The Light”
  1. dhonour says:

    All bear and born. Gorgeous.

  2. Arkenaten says:

    Never understood poetry. Poe, yes, but poetry always makes me think the writer couldn’t find enough words to make a full sentence. This is the Philistine in me coming out, you will notice. 😉

    • lexborgia says:

      She can hear you(Mitch). Explanation: We live in Europe, dead of winter as it be, now, but the sun did appear, to play, for a day and two, light in a long darkness. It was an ode of gratitude, even love, to something rare and beautiful.

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