So Complicated. Who Knew!

Dear Clinton supporters,

Obama lovers,

Trump haters and Socialists,

after Trump’s election, inauguration and the horror, fear, anxiety and indigestion his last seven weeks in office have wrought, don’t you feel just peachy today? Don’t you feel a sense of relief, a trippy happy feeling?
What you feel is schadenfreude, decadent wallowing in the sweet, painful misfortune of someone else. And it’s beautiful.

8 Responses to “So Complicated. Who Knew!”
  1. tcriggs says:

    Third time in as many weeks I’ve heard that term.

    Don’t let it consume me? Right?

    Ugh. Wondering what all those baby boomers that voted for him are thinking now… hope their fixed income is over $68K a year.

  2. While we’re on German phrases that have no real English equivalent, I’d suggest that all of the major GOP players exhibit ‘backpfeifengesicht.’ It means, ‘face that needs a punch.’

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