My decision
never to mention him
complicated things
that I
couldn’t be trusted
to make
responsible choices
have deep conversations
about subjects
that impact
our daily lives


try as I might

to deny
and steer the conversation
from him
the burden I’d relenquished
there was
no convincing her
she couldn’t let go

and so

I lost
a chance at happiness
romantic endeavour
laid to waste
the omnipresence
of Donald Trump

10 Responses to “Wasted”
  1. nbratscott says:


  2. inkbiotic says:

    Another tragedy from the tiny hands of Trump.

  3. That guy’s got a lot to answer for … I stubbed my toe this morning just thinking about him!

  4. tcriggs says:

    Oh wow. I feel bad for laughing.

    I will say… 45 would like nothing more than us to get sick of his bs and ignore him…

    In fact, it’s already begun…

    Notice how everyone suddenly forgot about his cabinet post’s perjury?

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