The Making Of!

‘to whom it may concern’

Onyourown Hero


lavishing Congress

for more Abrams to drive to Benjamins times millions, hooah, that’s how we roll, program to pillage fully loaded, shock & awe, and dragon’s claw to scratch what’s left, step aside Butch, we blasting.

The Sale,

of the 2nd, the 3rd Brigade and heirs to names, another for the big chair, this one will save America, says the newsreader, and smiles, while people die to flags flied patriotic for the next recruitment drive to snare those still alive, as the Empire calls in one voice with the Gods, your country needs you son.


real agenda with a tickle feather for Mount Rushmore, without the means to change five times each day and pay with plastic in St. Moritz you get to die, for the Commander-in-Chief, see you when I get there on a free, or as casualty in Caesar’s Campaign. Freedom glows with heroes bold who pledge their souls in manifold, never tire, or flinch an inch in the face of gunfire, Oorah, they’ll hear all of us soon.


have no paymaster when it’s over, they got nothing to burn on return from theatre to the real deal, dire, God bless you soldier but no hire; the dotted line was the past behind, for brighter future, not time, to go to sleep and wake up homeless to ”thank you for your service, love what you guys did to the insurgents.”

The Elite,

play chess with blood in rubber gloves, count coin and steal the trickle-down that lost Lieutenant Brown a round, of B52s, she died astride a Browning, hitting the enemy hard, a hero for a cause that couldn’t get her a job back home, but built another golf course.

Power is a number on the speed-dial to men who never go on trial, shared by thieves who read the leaves before the tea is poured in one of their seven houses, plotting schemes,

peddling dreams you can’t redeem
for dignity
under any name,
a cabal,
fatted calf on Cayman Islands grass.

The Empire is secure;
On Your Own Hero,
welcome home.

copyright2013A.N Herbert

*Oorah: Battle Cry of the United States Marine Corps / Hooah: U.S. Army Corps

13 Responses to “The Making Of!”
  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Your stream of consciousness flows like a swiftly moving creek. While the elite play their blood chess, we the pawns still are not sure which side of the board is our team.

  2. makagutu says:

    We don’t want no wars, at the end we will be counting who is left not who was right. The empire shall be so stretched it will begin to fall just as Rome of old.
    Great prose mate

  3. dhonour says:

    This is incredibly powerful, particularly this stanza “Freedom glows with heroes brave and bold who pledge their souls in manifold, never tire, or flinch an inch in the face of gunfire, there’s honour waiting if you die, Oorah*, they’ll hear all of us soon”.

  4. List of X says:

    A very powerful poem. I couldn’t possibly express this so eloquently (and that’s why I have to hide behind humor). Second that on “press” that “fresh”.

    • lexborgia says:

      Hiding! No way, X. You’re like an aircraft carrier; mobile, flexible, devastating. Yet, easily understood.

      • List of X says:

        Thank you, but carriers aren’t really mobile, flexible, or devastating: they’re just floating huge sheets of metal, pretty much defenseless without a flotilla of other warships. Damn expensive, too. 🙂

  5. lexborgia says:

    Reblogged this on nerd on the bridge and commented:

    11 years ago today, a rancher turned film maker from Texas presented his 2nd major movie to the world, about a planet in peril, threatened by a maniac, in need of a hero. Take a look behind the scenes of his immortal classic.

  6. Great. Didn’t understand every reference but I’m old, British, have no TV and don’t get out much …

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