Fair Conditions

My world

was turned

upside down

a night on the town

with a black guy

in jacket and tie

who wasn’t high

couldn’t recite how Tupac died

drank wine

and opined

on the fate 

of Kentucky

a state, not a plate full of secrets” 

he was vegetarian.


His finger

was not

on the trigger

or the wheel

of a low-rider

his name didn’t grace

a court order

in favour of baby-mamas

a brother

with no record

of arrest or protest

for black lives matter

a job

and he knew

who his father was.


He flew away

on vacations

to places

outside the United States

spoke a second language

read books and played tennis

spent a night in Maine

and early next day

hoisted sail

in the harbour

an ardent, well trained specimen

and though

his impression

of Seinfeld

was a fine display

the truth is

I was coaxed

and finally swayed

by the outlay

of ‘the package’

in his pocket

to quit feigning interest.


It was big, BBC 

knowing made me giddy


that he’d meet 

at the least

one of the conditions

for my first black experience.

6 Responses to “Fair Conditions”
  1. lexborgia says:

    I’m going to erase it. Put it on a Trump Post, please, not here: this post is about sex and stereotypes, female emancipation and black dick. I’ll have a look later, then attack soon after. Cheers.

    • charlypriest says:

      See, you got pissed off or are just bullshiting me? Anyways….love ya, don’t get mad

      • lexborgia says:

        Not pissed off, I’m serious, in a positive way. Put it on any Trump post (Trump Universe), it doesn’t belong where it presently is – I hate it there.

        • charlypriest says:

          All right, I do understand. Just take away from the blog….but the next question is, don’t you believe in freedom of speech? Or you only believe your own freedom of speech. Just saying, and I can also get serious, in my blog I haveY never eliminated a comment, specially some that where quite insulting to me and also to the people who read the post.
          I can argue with them, but they do not, or better said they can not argue with me since their ‘ moral superitoy’ just means that I’m evil so they call me names. Just happened once by the way, that is why I don’ get into politics my blog it is called crazy life, so I write crazy things. But I hope you understand, that when an argument that is given to a person from the left, and they do not agree with that comment or they just can’t answer because their ‘ superior heart’ can’t do it. Then me in this case, I’ m the devil so obviously you can not let be a devil talk or even live, and that is what I consider a false morality.
          It is all about freedom of speech when it is that you like it.
          I do live in Spain, a pretty socialist country and I do know their tactics.

          • lexborgia says:

            I’m not sure what you getting at. Let me repeat myself: place your comment on any Trump Post on my blog, write it 100times if you want, just don’t put it here on this post, which is not about Trump; this post is about sex and racial stereotypes, female emancipation and black dick.
            Have I gotten through to you yet?
            These comments will self destruct after 60min. Cheers.

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