Eyes Wide Shut



LGBTs are undermining your religious liberty!

How, exactly? Are they more powerful than God?

Man up. Insist on your right to discriminate.

Admit you’re uncomfortable with it (so am I, at times).

“I love everyone”, a nice suit, doesn’t wear well on you.

A man’s character is his fate. Be honest.

Say you despise faggots, male more than female. 

God is on your side; Jesus died to save prejudice.

Dislike. Chastise. Repudiate. That’s your right. But!


You have no right, legal or otherwise, to deny the freedom

of others, just to be comfortable. Read the Bill of Rights.


Political Poet: LGBT Are Destroying America

27 Responses to “Eyes Wide Shut”
  1. Powerful ending. 🙂

  2. I am in no way denying the freedom of others. The government says that gay marriage is legal. Do I agree with it? No, but i support our constitution. So don’t pretend that you are a victim and I am somehow trying to suppress your rights. I have the freedom of speech, just as you do. Gay sex is wrong, and gross, and illegal in 12 states. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it okay or right. Lying, adultery, fornication, and group sex are all legal, doesn’t make it right, and trying to convince others that perverse behavior is acceptable and normal just shows what a foul person you are.

    • lexborgia says:

      There you go again, pretending to ‘accept’ equality and human rights until your people can repeal or enact laws to annul those rights; bigotry clothed in legality.
      “it’s legal to hate those people, I’m only following the law.” This is your wish.

      • You make no sense. I am not pretending to do anything. I believe gay sex is wrong. It doesn’t matter whether its legal or not. Im not trying to take away anyones rights. Sodomy is not a right!! If the government made murder legal, I would still believe its wrong, and speak out against it. I never said that i hate anyone, those are your words.

  3. So politicalpoet1, what makes something legal ‘right’? When you decide it is?

    • It doesn’t matter if something is legal or not. We all know whats right, and whats wrong. Evil is evil no matter how many people are for it. Just because our society glorifies sexual deviance doesn’t make it right, and those that transgress moral laws will all have to face the consequences of doing so, whether it is diseases, depression, loneliness, guilt, abortion, broken homes, etc, there is always a consequence.

      • I assume from that you mean those that break ‘your’ moral laws.

        • Those are not “my” moral laws. Those are laws of life. If you jump off a cliff, you are going to fall, whether you believe it or not. You can convince the entire world that gravity does not exist, but it still does.

          • Apples and oranges. You raised moral (not physical) laws, and I asked whose morals you were advocating. You still haven’t clarified that.

            • Moral laws are physical!! If you have gay sex with someone who has aids, there is a good chance you will get aids.

              • Same if you have heterosexual sex with somebody with AIDS. That doesn’t make heterosexual sex inherently more moral, does it?
                Moral laws are not physical. You keep claiming that but have no basis. I ask again. Whose morals are the ones we need to follow? Yours apparently, which makes you arbiter of good behaviour, which is a pretty high stance to take.

                • lexborgia says:

                  Bigotry is fascinating. My question: Is anal hetero sex (+oral) also morally wrong? Sexual immorality, for me, is sex with children and animals, and rape. What two consenting adults do in their private moments is their business. P.Poet needs to finally break out the religion he’s partially using to justify his persecution. And I want an answer to my initial question: how are LGBTS endangering/encroaching on his religious liberty?

                  • I fear that you won’t make any headway. Do see what I did there? 😉

                  • You people are all the same, and time you can’t support your gay views, you call people hateful and bigots. Another word for anal sex is sodomy, and yes it is unhealthy and immoral, doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay. I agree with you, what two consenting adults do behind clothes doors is their own business, and doesn’t bother me. You can put cheeseburgers up each others butt holes, or cut each others nipples off. Does that make it right? Or moral? No, its still messed up, gross, wrong, but like you said, its behind closed doors, but don’t go out and try to convince everyone else that stuffing cheeseburgers up your ass is normal. Its not!!

                • Every decision in life has consequences. Those aren’t moral laws, they are a reality. Doing drugs leads to drug addiction. Smoking cigarettes leads to lung cancer. Having multiple sex partners can lead to disease, unplanned pregnancy, etc. Hanging out in a bad neighborhood, you can get mugged, shot or robbed. Every action has a reaction. Going back to what I originally stated. Making something legal doesn’t make it right.

                  • You STILL haven’t told me who decides what is right and what is wrong. You?
                    Hanging out in a bad neighbourhood may be dumb, but it’s not wrong, particularly if you as unfortunate to have to live there.

  4. Great poem – where does all this condemnation of others come from all of a sudden? It sounds and seems hysterical.

    • lexborgia says:

      All of a sudden! Come on, Dave. It’s sounds familiar, not hysterical. And it’s not sudden, it’s GOP orthodoxy. Bigotry is what they do. Note, Poet is careful not to mention God, or Trump, but we can smell them both: the stench is revolting.

      • It’s always been there, you’re quite right, so perhaps it’s just that I’m shocked it has become mainstream so suddenly. It’s like something has tilted and nasty stuff is creeping out of the woodwork …

      • You are ridiculous. You can’t support your gay, immoral lifestyle, so you just call me a bigot, and try to put words in my mouth that I didn’t say. You probably don’t even know what a bigot is. You don’t even know what you believe in, you just like being gay, and if someone tells you it’s wrong, you cry about it like a child. You are right, I didn’t mention god, or trump because they don’t have anything to do with it. Everyone is born with a conscience, and knows when they are doing something wrong. Having gay sex is wrong, and you all know it. My point of view doesn’t come from hate or bigotry. It comes from a genuine concern for you, and other Americans that are unsure of their sexual identity. Living a gay lifestyle may bring temporary pleasure the same way a one night stand does, but it will not bring joy or happiness. It leads to depression, loneliness, and despair. If that is the life you want, then best of luck, but don’t try to lead other good people down into your pit of despair.

  5. BroadBlogs says:

    Love this: “LGBTs are undermining your religious liberty! How, exactly? Are they more powerful than God?”

  6. pjlazos says:

    We really do need to teach tolerance. I think this generation of kids will save us though. For the most part, they are color, gender and sexual orientation blind. Nice post.

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