The Incredible Shrinking Man

spiderman Spiderman’s spider-sense tingles likes crazy when danger is approaching, even when the danger is nowhere visible, but the tingle of danger becomes too strong to ignore. Human instinct is seldom wrong. Enter the danger: Donald Trump.

I am sick and tired of writing his name, seeing his face, hearing his voice spew a daily tsunami of lies, but more than ever, I’m terrified of the man: the alarm bells are way to loud and visible to ignore. There’s evil afoot.

Mr Trump visibly suffers from an inferiority complex, which I suspect has its roots in his small penis. Yes, I guarantee you, his dick is tiny hands terrain, and everyone’s talking about it, which leaves him terrified that we’ll find out it’s true.

…. inferiority-complex …..  hill.. . ..  …  ….


Like every bully with a small penis (it doesn’t qualify as a dick) he beats up on the ‘smallest’ person he can find, in this case Mexico: “pay for my stuff”. Imagine your neighbour buying a new car and forcing you to pay for it. Because he can. This is terrifying. The MSM obsesses over how Mexico is going to pay, instead of lamenting the proposed indecency. This is bullying 101. And blackmail 102. ‘Give me your lunch money or I’ll break your nose; who’s gonna stop me?’

Big and small allies alike are whittled down to size, while gigantic adversaries like Putin, who does have a big dick, become the only acceptable benchmark, and Mr Trump, knowing he can’t exceed him, desires to stand shoulder to shoulder, strong, virile, awesome; grab-em-by-the-putin-2
Mr Trump has, since day one, refused to utter one negative word about Putin, no matter the pressure or the evidence. Why? Think. Vladimir Putin must have physical, irrefutable proof of Trump’s tiny penis, and Mr Trump lives in fear of this being exposed, so he will do what is necessary to stop us finding out, even if he has to kill us all. Spidey, where are you?

Trump voters, liberal pussies and the MSM, even myself for a while, wanted to give him time. For what? To implement his evil agenda?
All he talks about is the size of things, and his enemies. Guess who his enemies are. They’re the ones who question his size.

The German economy under Hitler’s reign was in a strong recovery phase in the mid to late thirties, he didn’t need a war, he craved the chance to be ‘bigger’ than anyone else, to be ‘not inferior’. And Mr Trump is the same; he wants to be remembered as the President with the biggest balls, not as the small, petty, insecure man he demonstrably is. Size matters. To him. Mexico is just the beginning.



8 Responses to “The Incredible Shrinking Man”
  1. makagutu says:

    He definitely has ego issues.
    How is he going to govern

  2. tcriggs says:

    Positively brilliant. Love the GOP option, hehe. Nice.

  3. Say what you like, but his penis is big enough to fill a pram. 😉

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