Return to Sender

The Box

faded now
of you

coming up the street
sometimes on a motorcycle
unseen but audible
and I, often times
rushing out to meet you
full of hope
careful not to let it show
in case of disappointment
which never lasted long
there was still tomorrow
and you seldom let us down

You bore glad tidings
from near and afar
packages with smiles inside
that made me happy

even doubling as daddy
on discrete occasions
in the afternoon
and other times
ringing twice
when mummy needed you
for an hour
maybe two

Something to look forward to
your daily routine
it was

but I grew up

technology came between us
mummy found Craig’s list
leaving you only one word
to deliver each day

Al Gore’s invention
he did
ask him
has seen you to ruin


you’re allowed to continue
with this game
of ready or not here I come
and there’s no place to hide
you always win

I don’t need hard knocks
stay away from the box
and if you can do
take the damn thing with you

Mr Postman
return to sender
mail is horror

19 Responses to “Return to Sender”
  1. Very clever my friend.

  2. iarxiv says:

    poor cactus on the pic…

  3. rabemacseoin says:

    There’s an award waiting for you on my blog, I hope you’ll accept it-we need more people like you questioning ad pushing people out of their thinking-comfort-zone.

  4. mirrorgirl says:

    Hi I have nominated you for the blog of the year 2013 reward :)

  5. erikafuego says:

    wow, you are something else. I’m so impressed.

  6. Effective lament for old times and a punchy ending to underline the contrast with now.

  7. BroadBlogs says:

    Sure glad Al Gore invented the Internet so that we can post these laminations 😉

  8. lexborgia says:

    Thanks, MG. Wish I could glide over the Norwegian snow on a sled, stop off at your place and collect a bag full of your generosity(the money too), and give you a cactus-free hug. Smile@you from Berlin.

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