Look Away Now

Shoot first,

ask questions later

on twitter,

slither away

to the tower in New York

if it all goes South,

the jobs,

and the mouth

on Mike Pence,

preaching vengeance

from Cheney’s bunker

somewhere under Wasilla,

against the scourge of Islam.

The man, in the oval

is not at home,

he’s flying drones

to Mohammed’s front door,

as an appetizer,

for a greater score,

yet to be settled by the Flynns,

mad dog Mattis and Ivanka.

Am I evil? Yes I am;

me, a simpleton,

who didn’t vote for Trump,

but after 9/11, 7/7, Boston Marathon,

Nice, and now Berlin, at a Xmas market;

casualties mounting:

the time has come

to fix this problem

once and for all. We are at war;

those tiny little hands

will unleash a bloodbath,

‘twilight’s last gleaming’

is upon us;

evil-doers will tremble

when America is made great again.

3 Responses to “Look Away Now”
  1. lexborgia says:

    To be clear: this is not how I feel, but I’m raging; I could have been at that xmas market last night with my daughter. This is something that must be dealt with, no matter how much we deny it, but my instincts say that Trump will will be brutal towards this – war is coming.

  2. charlypriest says:

    Maybe he declares war by twitter. That would be something

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