The Hats & The Have Nots



Stop the press

the less you know the better

trust the internet

to separate

the helter skelter

from the truth

don’t lose

your freedom

bleating yes Sir, no Sir –

are you a girl?

we just said no to one

she didn’t have the stones

to be a lone survivor

that’s what Alex Jones intoned


lighter toned

gramophone for clones

whose heroes

are named Lloyd and Harry

open carry

storming Comet pizza

to save the kids

kept as slaves in the basement

matter of fact

became the things

that crept

from out under the hat

you would prefer

to have a beer with

another home-run

knock-out punch

on patient zero

local hero

with more time on his hands

than on his punch-card

give him a hat

and a map of Mexico.



2 Responses to “The Hats & The Have Nots”
  1. Hey, weren’t those hats made in China? (Sharp poem, btw!)

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