Trumped. That bitch,
the witch who wished upon a star too many,
Springsteen made no difference; vanquished, our champion.

She fought valiantly, with dignity and composure,
shouldered the sins of Clinton Inc. that bore his first name,
through thick and thin, as a good Christian wife should,
yet God shamed her.

A heart of gold, and never has been proven otherwise,
in spite of insinuations kept alive for ratings headlines.

She is who she is, guarded, scathed by betrayal,
but never diminished
in the capacity to care for the needs of the collective,
constantly aware that she’ll never win their love,
if her vagina isn’t cooking or lying down;
it’s ambitious – grab her by the pussy, Mr Comey.

Donald J. grabbed her everywhere,
in his quest to make America great again,
shamelessly out of bounds,
wrong, racist, sexist, homophobe, putrid, loud,
yet she stood tall, she made us proud.

On November 8th, 2016,
Hillary Clinton is publicly humiliated,
by the American electorate. A resounding defeat.

Shock. Nausea. Fear. Sadness. Heartbreak.
Disbelief. Fear. Paralysis. Hillary has left the building.
Does not compute. Does not compute. President Trump.

I am sorry I let you down, her first words,
that is who she is,
grace and empathy, evil Hillary is a myth.

She did not let us down, we failed her, when it mattered:
5 million votes less than Obama in 2012: we did it to ourselves.

And now! America rests in the tiny little hands of a madman.

6 Responses to “Her”
  1. Dina Honour says:

    She is every her there is. That is one reason I was and AM with her. When I was with her, I was actually with ALL the hers. They’ve stacked the logs around her, but they haven’t lit the flames on her witch’s pyre yet. Because now that she is vanquished, they will love her. It’s the way it always is. We only love women we feel sorry for.

    • lexborgia says:

      Jein. But I feel you; this is truly painful (I’ve always been with her since 91). She was a Godsend cast aside, so now they reap the whirlwind. They deserve what they’ve chosen, specifically the 5mil who deserted her. She is and remains a true role model for children of any gender. A toast to Hillary Rodham, the lady is a champ.

  2. You have to get rid of the electoral college vote. That what screwed her over.

    • lexborgia says:

      Easier said that done. I wasn’t just throwing prose, fact is she lost because democrats stayed home. Republican vote hasn’t increased from ’08 and 2012. Democrats stabbed her in the back and front, silently. Fuckers.

      • I know, but she won the popular vote and got shafted.
        Also the votes for Stein and whatsisface, Johnson. If fuckwits had seen that voting for the no-hopers diluted the vote against TFF they might have had a rethink.

  3. Why doesn’t her give me the food i have a right to?

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