September Seeps: Scarves & Socks


Mitch Lang

September seeps in. That quilt is starting to feel a little light. The one you would kick off a few days earlier. Something frisky hints at change. Morning is late. That stuffy nose feeling. That first light scarf. The one you bought on the Summer sales. When scarves were not. The go. The one you’re really happy to wear now. Because it’s new. And you know you only paid one third of the price! Oh and because you need it!

Everyone complains. The ‘sudden change’. September seeps in. Seeping suddenly. Before you know it. Before you realize it. That freshness. Crispy leaves. A crunchy step forward. They start to fall. Just a few. But you know. It won’t be long now. There’s more to come.

That glowing hale fades. The one you worked hard on in Summer. If you’re of a fair nature. A reminder of summer. And now of Summer’s end.

Those smells. September smells. It does. New. Books. Copybook and eraser smells. Fresh paint. Leather and plastic. Fresh cheek feel. Beginnings. First copybook page beginnings. The one you always messed up. No matter how you applied yourself. Or so you thought. That first page. Should be perfect. Always was a pain. The freshly sharpened pencil. The strange effect. Lead snapping. The end of liberty. September seeps in.

Buggy races to the crèche. Pressed parents. Enthusiastic pupils. New schoolbag enthusiasm. Summer boredom enthusiasm. A matter of weeks.
The sky lowers, morning lates, night earlies, layers tighten, warmer dinners, reawakened flavours, appeal and appease. Runny noses. September savours. Mirabelles, grapes and apple tarts.

September creeps in. And slowly the layers begin. Layer by layer we envelop ourselves. Preparation for what’s to come. Scarves and socks. Transition. We didn’t ask for. That we would surely have postponed. A little longer.
And before you know it. You slowly begin. To prepare the arrival of a benevolent Autumn. Cosying up to September’s seep. Before winter’s darker fall. 

copyright2013Mitch Lang

4 Responses to “Ajar”
  1. dhonour says:

    Love September smells.

  2. Arkenaten says:

    Yeah…nightmares before going to school LOL!
    Liked this.
    Now, ”Down South” in Johannesburg September hails summer….
    Around 25 today.and wall to wall blue.

  3. Eva van Beek says:

    September seeps in…a lovey choice of words to describe it! and a cute cute photo to go with your post 🙂 (sorry but the look on the face of that racoon reminds of my dog’s when he wants a treat or go for a walk…)

  4. Thanks for sharing! Where I am, summer and fall play a game of chase, but by the end of October, fall is the winner! Oh, and thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my posts, it means a lot!!

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