Those Nasty Germans

Those nasty Germans are at it again.

‘I told you so’, is exactly what your cliché infested minds begin to generate, and the media, those trusted professionals, waste no time in feeding that lecherous beast: German satirist Jan Böhmermann’s ‘Schmähgedicht’ (defamatory poem) from his Neo Royale television show.

Yes, Jan did indeed ‘perform’ such a poem in reference to Recep Erdogan, Türkey’s thin-skinned Prime-Minister, President, Sultan, Strongman or whatever other title he dons to facilitate his infinite hold on power.
Erdowahn (a play on the word ‘wahnsinnig [mentally unstable]) continues pressing German Chancellor Merkel to prosecute Böhmermann for defaming a head of state, and he has a point, if that were the case. It is not.

The ‘defamatory poem’ storyline is gathering steam globally. Such a shame. Why? They, the press, for some inexplicable reason, omit to mention ‘the context’ in which the poem was presented – the intent was to educate, not defame.

Recep ‘stop picking on me’ Erdogan is an authoritarian who persecutes any form of criticism to his creeping islamisation of the secular state founded by Kamal Attatürk; journalists, satirists, women, etc., under the motto ‘I am the state’, thus making himself a sweet target for German satirists, resulting in the satirical bombshell ‘Erdohow, Erdowhere, Erdocrazy’ (over 7 million hits on youtube – click on title to watch), which he not only demanded be removed from youtube but ‘ordered’ the German ambassador in Turkey to explain himself. The gall of the man.

Mr Böhmermann, on his show, attempted to explain what satire is, can, should and shouldn’t, quoting the relevant parts of German constitutional law for emphasis – to parry Mr Erdogan’s earlier tantrum regarding the Erdowie skit – at the end of which he read the tasteless poem (as a demonstration) of not what to do under the guise of satire, citing the ‘justifiable’ consequences that may and can rightfully result from such action.

So, in essence, Jan Böhmermann’s poem was, after a lengthy explanation, nothing more than a demonstrative example of what doesn’t qualify as satire, namely defamation; a challenge to Mr Erdogan to distinguish the difference. But the press have omitted to mention this. Those nasty Germans is a much better headline.

3 Responses to “Those Nasty Germans”
  1. OFFS. What is wrong with fuckwits these days? You can’t insult people in a literate and cherent way without some tard getting the hump?

  2. Satire has a moral purpose. Nietzsche said despisers were really reverers. This is just nihilism – Erdogan deserves a Swift or an Orton.

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