Bread & Circuses

Feel the Bern! Be careful what you wish for!

Let us assume Bernie Sanders becomes President. What then?
Do his supporters honestly believe he will be able to enact his unrealistic agenda?

A President doesn’t make laws, the congress does. And there is no congress – Dem or GOP – that will enact any of Mr Sanders radical ideas. Corporate America won’t allow it. Wake up.

Bernie speaks truth to power, no doubt, but haven’t you lot learnt anything from Obama’s presidency? Single-payer healthcare died in the womb, aborted by the ‘morning after’ pill the day before; Wall Street pissed on your ham & eggs the morning after you were forced to eat their cock-meat sandwiches – Bernie is writing cheques his body can’t cash.

Incremental change is the only way forward in a country that is, and will remain divided: winning an election (in a two-party state) with 52% each time isn’t a recipe for unity. It’s never-ending conflict.

Hillary isn’t perfect, but she’s a hard-nosed, seasoned warrior, a woman who has been around the block, bleeding sweat and tears for women, liberalism and the Democratic Party for over forty years, the only person qualified (and deserving) to be President of the present United States. American youth are misguided in turning against her, displaying their short memories that accompany their even shorter, inexperienced lives, falling for Bernie’s empty populism; he’s hungry for power as much as anyone else, but unlike Hillary, his power will be as useless as the suspenders that don’t keep his pants up, and they’re full of s*** – feels great coming out but you need to flush eventually.

Radical change can only be realised in a multi-party state – you don’t have one, neither do you have an Emperor who controls the Senate. American political battles (after the election) are fought in the arena by gladiators: Bernie is the bard, the pre-game entertainment. Hillary is Maximus, and she’s been polishing that sword for a mighty long time.

11 Responses to “Bread & Circuses”
  1. Ruth says:

    I think the only way either one of them can get anything through Congress will be to turn Congress. That will be hard to do. If there’s anything I’ve learned from Obama’s presidency it is that ultra-conservative Republicans view Democrats as the enemy and wholly un-American. Not only do I question whether Bernie can get anything through, the Republicans seem to be so hell bent on hating Hillary that she likely won’t be able to either.

    • lexborgia says:

      ‘Over-underestimating’ Hillary is a perilous endeavour. She’s the mare of steel – can’t be ridden.

      • Ruth says:

        It’s not that I question her ability to run the country. I question the Republicans’ ability to put down the hate stick. They’ve been wielding it for several years. It might have to be surgically removed. It’s so unbecoming.

  2. makagutu says:

    A very different view from what I read on the web.

    • lexborgia says:

      Web or print makes no difference: news has become a consumer commodity, no longer a service. They don’t care about carefully informing the public; careful, concise analysis reinforces that even though Bernie is dead on, it’s all wishful thinking in the pool of reality (like Ron Paul). Revolution (the dismantling of the current political system) is the only avenue to enact the Sanders agenda: Not going to happen.

  3. Depends on the GOP getting trashed in the Senate re-elections, and if the blues can get control of the Representatives.

    • lexborgia says:

      Wrong. If that were the case then the Democrat congress would have enacted single-payer. The Sanders agenda is too too radical, irrespective of where congressional majorities pan out; it’s not in line with ‘American style’ capitalism, therefore it’s un-American. He knows this. It’s a noble seed to plant for later generations, but for now it’s D.O.A.

  4. mistermuse says:

    I agree about Bernie. The only one who “will be able to enact his unrealistic agenda is, of course, The Donald (ROTFL).

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