Heads or Tails?

Top dollar

Too rich for my blood

Penny for your thoughts!

Chump change

Double or nothing!

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Better late than never

Talk is cheap

Money talks

Money is the root of all evil

Nothing lasts forever

Seeing is believing

One step at a time

Time is relative

A matter of opinion

Don’t bet on it

Fortune favours the bold

Don’t tempt fate

For the love of God

Cool your horses

One-trick pony

Go to hell

None of the above

Something smells fishy

Tough luck

Head in the clouds

I have a dream

Take pains to be clear as day


Lies have short legs

Truth is stranger than fiction

I’ll make you eat those words

You’re all hat, no cattle.

4 Responses to “Heads or Tails?”
  1. fiftywordsdaily says:

    Loving the last line! I’m off to use that one now…..Nick

  2. TheMonumentalJackass says:

    Hats are nice.

    Can I just say, “Talk is cheap, Money talks, Money is the root of all evil” just rang within me somehow. Eeee.

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