White Elephants

In the heartland of America,
betwixt homesteads billowed by corn fields,
elephants trumpet,

patriots, of moral rectitude,
imbued by founding fathers
to alter the course of time that waits on no man.

God’s own country,
by the enemies of celibacy
and women left irate for exploitation
of rape that’s not legitimate, is under threat.

Four more years
of depraved society
is not what this country needs

men and women bred
to smite the unrighteous,
that judicious drove
beguiled with ideas
such as climate change,
enhanced by the insidious;
corporations aren’t people, living wage,
single-payer healthcare, mockery of prayer,
and opposition to benefit cuts for lazy democrats.

The elephant men,
righteous red, the head
above the white underneath,
will take the country back, in 2016,

an American Dream,
of deliverance,
from the fallacies
of a Kenyan born imposter,
whose ill-fostered dreams
of morality
chastised Wall Street,
then sold them the farm
with Grandma still inside,
smiling on the way
to his hidden cigarette,
and other deceits,
a melon ball elitist unfit for office,
and invisible when the lights are off,
a devil in the dark.

It is near, the purge,
yet danger lurks, in the skirt that couldn’t sate William.

Cast aside your fears –

there’s a beacon on the hill;
the republicans are coming.

5 Responses to “White Elephants”
  1. Dina Honour says:

    It leaves you scratching your head in bewilderment, doesn’t it?

  2. mistermuse says:

    Sound the TRUMPets!

  3. Reblogged this on The Lonely Tribalist and commented:
    Following the scary results of Super Tuesday, this poem by the inimitable Lexborgia over at Nerd on a Bridge feels especially relevant. Please head over and check out his work and show some solidarity with a like and/or comment on his page!


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