How Dare You!

Every day a new insult; today, Mr Varoufakis, former Greece Finance Minister, describes creditor demands as a new ‘Versailles Treaty’. That treaty was about ‘settling scores’, Mr Varoufakis, it wasn’t about settling debts while needing new credit with no security but your word, which we know means nothing, after all, Greeks said no, didn’t they!

Insulting on a daily basis the people who are keeping your country above water – yes, the Germans that you hate so much (almost half of everything being spent is provided by Germany) – could very well backfire. Greek euros aren’t keeping you afloat through every day of the crisis, the ECB Liquidity programm is; European Union money, which you plunder without an ounce of humility. How dare you!

You’ve spent your way to ruin, and now you act like you have the God given right to spend the money of other European nations at will. Cyprus, Portugal, the Baltics and Ireland swallowed their medicine and have healed, while you refuse yours, choosing instead to threaten everyone else with an epidemic. How dare you!

The UK and the USA have made Germany responsible for your predicament. Did we force you to borrow and waste money? Back in 2010, when the crisis was snowballing, 15% of the Greek workforce lost their jobs, yet the civil service, which accounts for almost 25% – incredible – didn’t cut any jobs. Or collect more taxes!

I, and the majority of the German people are absolutely sick and tired of your bullshit, your arrogance and entitlement. We don’t want to see your country fail, but it already has (we just refuse to admit it); it’s not our fault. And in spite of the sacrifice – yes, Mr Varoufakis, sacrifice – the billions of euros that we, along with France, Italy & Netherlands have to put up, money that we in Germany believe is wasted, money that doesn’t grow on trees or in Münchener Beer Gardens: in spite of these sacrifices you continue to insult and spew vitriol every day. How dare you!

Kanzlerin Merkel & Schäuble aren’t stupid, neither are they cruel (the English keep pushing this disgusting propaganda every day. I don’t see the Bank of England rushing to the rescue), they represent the interests of 80million people who’ve given you money twice already and before that, half of which is already lost. They are doing everything they can to help you, including selling the fictional tale of your 50billion euro Asset Fund, while trying to retrofit your country to function properly. The least you can do is play along…respectfully. How dare you!

You’ve dug yourselves a deep hole, all by yourself, and there’s no way out without gashes, scratches, fractures and amputations. Pain. You’re Greece, heir to Sparta – your behaviour is putting your history to shame. Rally the nation for the tough times ahead, for the bitter medicine needed now to ensure a better tomorrow. You’re Greek, Mr Varoufakis, stop acting like a pussy. How dare you!

4 Responses to “How Dare You!”
  1. Zyriacus says:

    By the way, can anyone tell, by how much Mr. V. has cut his own salary and that of his ministers?

    • lexborgia says:

      Or refused a salary even! None of these men, past or present, have led by example. That ridiculous referendum also made things worse. Fiddling while Rome burns.

  2. I missed your style, Lex! Good to be back.

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