A Man called Horse

It’s the misunderstanding of the century:

Greek leader Alexis Tsipras strongly believed that political capital is the same as financial capital.
The Prime-minister wasted no time in demanding a new bailout from Euro partners after the results of Sunday’s referendum, which yielded a ‘no vote’ over 60%, certainly a rich, impressive vein of capital! Indeed.”

Mr Tsipras has, since coming to power, insisted on the complete annulment of Greece’s debt (53% were already cancelled), the continued flow of German, EZB & IMF money to Greece’s coffers, without collateral and without question, and a suspension of all Eurozone rules and contractual obligations as far as Greece is concerned. “The rules shouldn’t apply to us,’ he roared, along with his finance minister. “Anyone who expects us to pay for things, pay back loans, collect taxes or spend less German money, is a nazi.”

However, The IMF, EZB and member states have refused to accept 60% of Greece’s population as collateral, a development that Mr Tsipras refuses to grasp. “Capital is capital”, he sobbed through the night, while cuddling his wooden horse.
China and Russia are rumoured to be considering the offer.

One Response to “A Man called Horse”
  1. Mikels Skele says:

    Meh. And how are the Greeks expected to repay anything under a program of austerity? They need breathing room, or else cut them loose now and stop prolonging the agony. Too many people see this as a moral issue. It’s an economic one, and EU with Greece amputated will pay a price also for this. Has everyone forgotten how Germany was bailed out after starting WWII?

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