The Jam is On

Mitch Lang indulges the crew with sweet and sticky, tantalising pleasures.  The Captain is most pleased.

Apricot Dancer

You stood there looking down upon me

for so long

concentrated, appealing

glistening and gleaming

embodying the essence of summer’s délice.

You weren’t wearing much

A little white label of hand-written modesty

enveloped and examined in my hands

stalling my advances to go further

accessibly inaccessible.


willing to try again

I resorted to taking up arms

hitting you with a blunt object

while you stood defenseless and implacably proud.


I abandoned you there on high

a sigh

in the corner of my mind

until suddenly you re-appeared

only yesterday

before me

naturally and inevitably in your rightful place

accessibly accessible

summer savours unpotted and released

and I examined you yet again

more thoroughly this time.

We’ve met before, thought I

approaching, with a wary eye.

and for the second time I took up arms

delving in

to scoop you out


and lay you down


on new ground.

You trickled generously, abundant

longing for embrace

and when at last

I savoured you

simmered and poured each strand of your existence

as you glowed beneath a creamy pale

flirting with a stumbling chestnut

I knew










copyright©2013Mitch Lang

photo: the bod©John Heebink

3 Responses to “The Jam is On”
  1. Bastet says:

    Loved it! Thanks for the experience of apricot jam?

  2. Delicious. The layout is very clever

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