Masturbation 101

Flicking the bean; tales of the five finger flush; the salacious labia.

Satirical Reflections of a Salcacious-Being

Age 7: First warm fuzzy feeling couldn’t identify but knew I liked it.

Age 11: First Clitoral Orgasm

Who(m) helped me achieve my first clitoral orgasm?

Two wonderful men, to whom I will be forever indebted – Adam Corolla and Drew Pinksy

loveline(Dr. Drew) of Loveline… thought you’d have to report this post huh? Loveline was a chat show for people withquestios about sex, sexuality, abuse, etc that teens and young adults would call into.

Caller:Becky* 14 dialed in with an issue that wasn’t uncommon fora teen in California in the noughties.

Dr.Drew:Hi Becky,your concerned about the possible damage of masturbating with your shower head?

Becky:Yes,I have been doing for a week now a few time a day and I am wondering if it could harm me cuz of the water pressure etc. The orgasms are really intense and wonder if should cut back?

SB [insert angels singing or angels…

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2 Responses to “Masturbation 101”
  1. I loved these guys when they were doing their radio show. I have never laughed so hard in my life listening to their twisted shit, especially Adam.

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