Blurred Vision

Millions of people voluntarily living and working abroad will never attain the prestigious title of Expat.

This thought provoking article in The Guardian newspaper (click on the link below) sheds light on the why, challenging us to critique ourselves, provided we can overcome the self-denial we prefer. Read on.


5 Responses to “Blurred Vision”
  1. You can only be an expat if you’re a Brit living abroad, as far as I can see. Half the British population in Spain are convicted villains yet nobody refers to them as thieving scumbags. No. They’re expats

    • lexborgia says:

      Yes, they (all) remain expats, but that’s not the point, Duncan. The issue is why. Read the article. Cheers.

      • I get the point Lex. As far as the British press are concerned, you’re only an expat if you live abroad. People from abroad living in the UK are immigrants, even when third generation.

  2. Dina Honour says:

    I think this is true…to a degree. I would argue that socio-economics plays a much bigger part of that than the article maintains. As someone else I know who shared the article pointed out, a white, blue eyed Polish builder who moves to England is still an immigrant. A black HR guy who works for an international shipping company is an expat. While I do think more whites are likely to be referred to as expats, I think how much $$ you’re making plays a huge part. Other than the Brit thing. It seems like Brits can move anywhere and be expats. Doesn’t matter what their socio-economic status is. Must be the prior colonization thing.

  3. makagutu says:

    Buddy, that was a good link.
    Come to think of it, everyone else is an immigrant unless they are white then they are expats

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