Laughing At Illusions

Roller-blading old school

on water fountains

spouting nothing

but familiar hoods and goods

nobody wants

haunted by the chance

to find nirvana, torn

sworn to secrecy


no-show witness

in her own trial

for a vial

of reality

on second avenue

or was it first

rehearsal in reverse

down the middle

of a hill

tilted sideways

slowing traffic down

to put coins

in meters

don’t deceive

even a thief

tripping on weed

in search of Bootylicious

dishing out the laughing gas

without license

from a dentist


on the same shit

while he’s preps

the drill

he found

on that hill

that’s tilted sideways

like these fucking trays needing to be cleaned

I need more weed, to keep on laughing at illusions.

3 Responses to “Laughing At Illusions”
  1. Blimey, Nerd, hand me the razorblades.

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