Bibi See! No.

Western propaganda organs aka ‘the free press’ excoriate any deviation from imperial guidelines; dissent is swiftly punished with the mark of anti-semitism and the charge of ‘material support’ to terrorist entities where applicable. Thank God, whom doesn’t exist, there is still a place called Israel, where the truth that’s either buried or withheld from the rest of us still gets a fair hearing.

Bibi came – to the U.S Congress. The harbinger of doom. Tales of a seven-headed Iranian monster gobbling up countries, a blob in the making. ‘No peace deal, please; peace is bad for Israel’, he cried, scaring the daylights out of everyone within earshot. ‘Kill the monster. Kill kill kill.’

Bibi says a lots of things, most of which never seem to align with reality.

Israeli daily Haaretz has an overdose of reality for the PM, Israel and the rest of us.

Click on Link below.

HAARETZ Editorial, March 4th – The Real Existential Threat To Israel

israeli nukes

10 Responses to “Bibi See! No.”
  1. makagutu says:

    I have not read his speech but seen tweets which I thought represents views of a sick man. How can seeking peace be bad for any country. Cicero writes you would rather unjust peace than a just war

    • lexborgia says:

      ‘Sick man’ is putting it politely. I tuned out after 10min; I felt sick from listening. Read the Haaretz article – on point.

  2. socialinform says:

    This article may be interesting for you, it cites some Israeli news about Netanyahu, showcasing some of his absurd lies in the last years. There is also some interesting news about Iran in that article:

    My other link is about why NoDeal is the by far worst option:

  3. I do like a bit of controversy to start my day, Lex

  4. charlypriest says:

    I see we are on the same page when it gets to politcal issues

  5. charlypriest says:

    By the way, how that Iran deal go? I think it went good, after and before the deal they tested two cruise missels with a warhead capacity to carry the A bomb, so their playing us like dodle dodle de. Plus now they get hundreds of billions from lifting the sanctions and latest news that I Heard in my dear Fox News Channel ( I do have a mind and I do know how those lean but I tend to agree most of the time) the Iranians hacked a U.S wáter grid two years ago, when the deal was going on. So the deal went great, for Iran.
    The U.N The United for Nothing getting done and screwing everything up, everybody sees it as the great body that is great and that you have to look up too, screw that
    I can go on forever, it gets me wind up.

  6. charlypriest says:

    Just read the article and misread what you tried to convey in the your writing, maybe we should stick to conversing about waky poetry, stay frosty.

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