The Final Nail


Kenny got shot dodging bullets he thought weren’t real

but failed to put him down, proud scowling from his death-bed,

fed on fear of pink slips and “no toys for Xmas kids, Daddy’s in recovery,”

six feet deep in hospital sheets, tripping at God-Speed,

fleeing devils that exist only in the mind firing broadsides,

hiding time is over. 

Adolescent pleasantries sleeping on the back seat –

Should I push them out?

Don’t shout, you’re about to be blown grown up for supper.

Where did the good times go! A double dose

from this bottle will bring them back, right Dad! 


Sad state of affairs! Depends on how you look at it:

ripped on inspiration bitch-slapping me under Xmas trees

in the middle of summer, tracking Homer

to the ruins of Troy with pen in hand, searching for Achilles.

And now?

It’s time to bring the steel. 


One step at a time,

ink lines and infant organisms, next to the King

counting six-pence dinners over no remuneration contracts! 


Fuck that, stack it in the trunk,

with the skunk that Heaven sent to piss on my parade,

young hunger done swimming with the fishes,

wishing on a star that won’t be born until the running man

can walk on hot coals of disposable Last Will & Testament –

slavish fed to be read

after my coffin sets sail,

the final nailed

steadfast to the mast of Starship Badass,

soaring fast, towards where the Gods once stood –

the center of the universe. 


A response to ‘Nail In My Coffin’, by Alexander

Spider Jerusalem™ (Transmetropolitan Comics©) written/created by Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson


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