Skin Job

An angry rant is sometimes unavoidable. Here’s one.

08:00. Finishing breakfast, with the Washington Post – routine.  First appointment is 10:00. I have time.

Then I read this: Black Brunch Protests Disrupts ‘White’ NYC Breakfast Spots.’

It made my blood boil.

I hate racism, oppression and injustice towards all men, and there is no disagreement about police brutality in America, mainly towards dark-skinned people. However, this gives ‘dark-skinned people’ no right to harass people at brunch.

The suggestion that brunch is a privilege, a leisure reserved for the white and affluent, is beyond ludicrous. The people from blackbrunch need a lesson in manners and cultural interaction.

Yes, I’m still angry over the killings of all those unarmed black men. Yes, I’m seething at the public disrespect shown by the NYC Police Force toward Mayor Blasio at the funeral. But my anger does not give me the right to gather up my friends and go on a brunch disturbance crusade.

Last time I checked my skin was still dark and brunch loving. Sunday brunch is something we do with pleasure in Berlin, whether private or at the local on the corner. It has nothing to do with privilege, or colour. It would never occur to me to protest a ‘white spot’ like a bank, travel agency, high end fitness studio or Starbucks because my life sucks.

I’m not American, thank God, but I’ve tried over the years to understand the race divide, and my suspicions continually point me in a specific direction – it’s cultural and economic. And now I’m even more convinced.

Blackbruncnyc mean well, but they’ve chosen the wrong avenue. Harassing people with your skin colour simply because they want a leisure, quiet, late breakfast isn’t just wrong; it’s stupid. And rude.

2 Responses to “Skin Job”
  1. Dina Honour says:

    Oh you sneaky, satirical bastard. That was good. And sharp.

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