During The Ceasefire

Dear Christian Blogger,

having just finished another christian lampoons post (in advance), and looking it over now, I couldn’t help but wonder how difficult it must be for Christian bloggers not to unfollow people who turn out to be atheists, like myself, the ‘not silent‘ type who doesn’t take Christianity’s obsessive proselytising sitting down – I make fun of religion…and no ‘get thee behind me Satan’ will ever stop me.

I don’t spend my blogging time positioning anti-religion artillery; I write on an extensive range of topics, but every barrage on your position allows some poor victim to escape the dungeon, and again feel the sunlight on his face.

Do I follow you? Yes! Why? I don’t care about your religion, so obviously I like you, in general, but I believe firmly that your religion (Christianity, Islam & Judaism) is a great affliction on our world.

Fortunately, though not for you, it lays under the surgeon’s knife as we speak, an operation that will last centuries, even millenia. Time will heal the wounds, and we will embrace a future focused fully on science and technology.

I grew up under Christian indoctrination, and I consider myself lucky to have escaped; such continuous, heavy doses of brainwashing are more potent than a shot of heroin – there’s no cold turkey exit. When they lose a soul, they fight to the day of rapture to win it back – the dumped boyfriend who…!

Point is! There are several posts coming soon that, even though entertaining, will not be lenient on Christianity, so please press the unfollow button now if this message applies to you – no offence will be taken.

You’re intent on sharing your Jesus addiction – by all means necessary – and I’m intent on foiling your plans.

With the noblest of intentions and yours truly,

The Nerd on the Bridge

One Response to “During The Ceasefire”
  1. makagutu says:

    i am looking forward to those posts.

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