Mirage on Asphalt

The American Dream
every man
with a hand to reach

what Lincoln had in mind
as he laid dying

on the balcony of a theatre

one nation
under God has his favourites

to protect and serve

Different folks

shot dead in Walmart by van Gogh
no takers

The Artist
stretching a new canvas

Tamir Rice
twelve years old
no takers

dry run roulette
what are my odds in Moscow?

the main suspect
and Lebron’s central message is!

„Eat at McDonald’s“

Does Papa Joe?

Peter Parker died, and was replaced
by Miles Morales. Do they know?

Another one bites the dust

Shot in the face

wrong time, wrong place, to knock at Biff’s
seeking assistance

Choked to death
an unequal birthday suit
the neck
didn’t fit the arms of justice

Excuses, excuses

Visit the Adjustment Buro

A consultant will see you now

The Jackson package
comes highly recommended

Add tie collection
Anglo-Sachsen social circle
safest way to thrive on skittles

beats hustling on your own terms
to skirt stop and search
in the unemployment line

but miracles do happen

My hands are up
Will I live?

Mirage on asphalt.


Rolling Stone: 11 Police Killings With No Justice Served

Freshly Pressed: Yup, Still A Joke by Elizabeth


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