Cataract Surgery

warning: may cause offence to cataracts

Occupier. Anti-semite.
Black. Racist pig.
Dog eat dog. Burn Singapore.
Chop sticks. Fat white dog.
Go ride a cow. Go fly a horse.
Shiptar with TV! Desperate Malakas.
Terrorists. Crusader. Infidel. Pig.
Freedom Fries. Fucking Americans.
Kanacke. Shit Germans.
The great Satan! Bomb bomb Iran.
Red skins. We’re leaning towards Peckerwood.
Island Apes are full of surprises. Up your sausage, Gerry.
Putin is the Anti-Christ. Homer Simpson knows for sure.
Stupid Christian. Stupid Scientist.
The red button. The red button.
The red bu-…..  The re-………..

2 Responses to “Cataract Surgery”
  1. Lawksamussyme. I thought I could have days when I’m a bit off.

    • lexborgia says:

      I’m not off. Please apply abstract reasoning; the man who needs to remove the stone from his own eye first(man in the mirror!) – it’s about ‘action – reaction – consequence.’ If a man of your capacities can’t ‘get the drift’ then I’m afraid few others will. Cataracts do impair vision.

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