Who were they?

This is a white man’s war, you’re not needed
the reference I found, among others
strewn across an article about African Canadians.

Baffled, I was
unsure of whom they were speaking;

Canadians living in Africa!
Africans living in Canada!
Canadian children born in Africa!
African children born in Canada! That must be the one.

A long article, about war, that most despicable act
yet too good, to share with these coloured fellows
of varying description –

increasing with the flight of paragraph; black Canadians now.

Black community thrown in the round. Why not just Canadians!

Pudding brain – the article is about…African Canadians!

Negroes, according to Lt.- Col. Fowler, in 1915
First World War African Canadian Veterans
an honour! Conferred by the Ottawa CitizenCanada.com.

I understood, finally. I think!
the story isn’t about Canadians, they’re white
same as Americans, who invented monikers, as tags
to identify the flawed fortunate, on the inside looking in

African, Hispanic/Latino, Arab, the main markers
yet, independent of these measurements, thus far
only one fact stands;
you’re never simply a person, like everyone else
if your skin is black. They weren’t just Canadian.

2 Responses to “Who were they?”
  1. makagutu says:

    Very true, unless you are in Africa, then you are just an African or a black African.

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