Suicide Dreams

God rescues the nation
in a harsh referendum

the result stands
two houses
filled with republicans

what will become of the robes
worn by the wizards of no
and the healing power of repeal Obamacare?
Eric Cantor took the answers with him

somewhere in Dallas
where the Bush runs wild
stake claim to a second ranch
compassionate conservatism
grows restless

big government beware
you’ll learn to fear us

honey! I shrunk the kids
egad! why are you still big?
no idea – I must be immune

common sense solutions

penises rejoice
pumps and stimulants remain insured

vaginas rejoice
in anticipation of shiny knights
sworn to force slutty knees closed
for generations
mission accomplished!
after the San Francisco crusade
the gay also have a vagina

the people have chosen
speak softly
beat us with a big stick

God answers prayer

not single-payer

corporate welfare

trickle down the hill

where Jack awaits
leading a throng of peasants
seeking reward for their part
in master’s hard fought victory
strung together as a loaf of bread
with heaven’s blessing
butter not included

Reagan time requiem
fiction welfare queen and other manuscripts
lala land

the squeeze is coming

have? have some more
have not? have some more
that’s not what you voted for, is it!

it wasn’t me
the familiar refrain
when the elephant runs amok

it wasn’t me
who set the house on fire

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