Quiet Times

break the silence, break the silence,
2B or not 2B! at the party,
therefore I am one performance only you demanded that I raise the noise, to another level play and tell, shock you with a groove, move you, to remember that I never left/

It’s ok, 2miss the way I made you feel release, when I reach the switch that turn your buttons on,
cause it ain’t porn if no-one else is watching,
no more holding back,
this is vice, the answer, to why you pay the price for crying wolf, to a lion/

Quiet times!, I got a dozen for a dime, I ain’t off the grid like Elvis,
unless you get frivolous too serious, then we can rumble, till you lay humbled on the brink,
shrinking by the minute, while I contemplate the fate of those who chose to test this/

back, for the chat you need to have to clear your head, of the he said she said,
use my sawed-off alphaphet to check the specs, or better yet, try not to miss this,
as I tip the scale, with another name from my hitlist/

So check your sweat, there’s no eject, this is where we up the ante,
Austin! give me a groovey baby yeah, groovey baby/

I aint one of them to leave you wanting on the road again, the beats are in the trunk, GET SOME, burn the motherfucker down/

Stay the distance,
slow your roll and listen2da maestro break it out to go, on rare occasions like this business on the surface where I kick it for the public trust me to solidify and verify the greatest MCs never die,
never die in quiet times, never die in quiet times/

copyright2014A.N Herbert

lead photo: Young Liars©David Lapham

4 Responses to “Quiet Times”
  1. lexborgia says:

    …don’t call it a comeback.

  2. Michael Bennett says:

    There’s a book by Saul Williams that this remind me of called “The Lost Scrolls”, if I remember right. Worth a read 🙂

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