Feathers in your Cap

“White America shot, imprisoned, lied, swindled, preached, bought, built and voted its way to domination.”- excerpt from Washington Post article concerning the ongoing controversy over the drive to recognise and accept the ‘Washington Redskins’ name as offensive and an affront to native Americans.

This thought provoking article by Simon Waxman expands the playing field, and waiting in the end zone is a question for each American capable of hearing it.



6 Responses to “Feathers in your Cap”
  1. 🙂 Your post made me smile…and then cry.

  2. charlypriest says:

    Get over it, it´s just names. What´s up with these people the so called politically correct, it bores me,don´t they have anything to do but make stupid insignificant decisions. And the Indian Lobby is very but very powerful in Washington. And I can guarantee that if you never made a reference to anything about the Indians some progressive´s would find a way to say, “hey, you never acknowledge the Indians who we awful white people killed by the millions”. You´re doom if you do and doomed if you don´t. It´s just names, we have airports with presidents names. We take down the J.F.K airport in NY? He was the one who started committing U.S troops in Vietnam, the bay of pigs fiasco( I actually like Kennedy by the way), and I can make that argument with a bunch of other races and names. A white person killed Martin Luther King, so why did white people make a statue of him! That is horrendous. Just leave it in the past. Teach it in schools but let people have fun with their game and their names. I´m quite certain people are not thinking “I´m a Red Skins fan because we murdered hundred plus years ago” Political Correctness is a fine line that usually the socialist use to shut down the opponent and also come out as this great understanding people. I find it false and phony. And being from Spain with socialist government and socialist agendas that has led us to bankruptcy I know how these people operate. And they are quite dangerous to be honest.

    • lexborgia says:

      It’s unfortunate, the reference to white people, but I think most people understand the writer was generally referring to the first settlers – Europeans. Not sure either that the article is aimed at any political affiliation, the central tenent is about victors and the vanquished, and hypocritical piety (Redskins is bad, Apache helicopter is good).

  3. A Mugwump says:

    I’m surprised you ate this idea up so heartily. I’ve never quite been able to pin down where you stood on things such as this, but I think I believed you enjoyed mocking the whole system. Hmm. I don’t think there is anything thought provoking in main-stream media. The WP article helped sell the next day’s paper–nothing more. If a person cares about something, it’s important to him. If he doesn’t, it isn’t. I’m curious why you care about any of this?

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