Strawberry Elephants

Mitch Lang deciphers the intricacies of poetic thought. And effect.


I could say,
He didn’t understand a thing
About my poem!
But what gives me the right?

I may be the one to write,
Those lines,
But he is the interpreter.

I may know what they
Meant for me,
But once I decide
To share them,
The meaning is no longer mine alone.

Isn’t that poetry?
For everyone,
To see what they like.
And if they do find something
In it for them,
Then I am only too happy,
To give.

So do…go on and play,
Mould as you like!

I’m letting go.

And you may,
Quote me on this!


3 Responses to “Strawberry Elephants”
  1. That’s a great insight into the mind of the reader, and wisdom to accept the reader’s own thoughts and interpretations…

  2. One of your best mate.

  3. Very true. I often get excited by readers different perspectives. I love hearing them. Great write.

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