Portraits in Motion

Please be advised: Fauxetry is renegade kin to the fine arts (it’s rumoured), irreverent in the presence of convention, contemptuous toward scholar and dunce alike. Lawless. Gung-ho. Truly appreciated by the scant few, yet undeterred in crusade.

Universal translators will remain offline – fauxetry is untranslatable.

portraits in motion:

a foem, by guest blogger BBK, from the BigBlogOfKnowledge<<link).

“Fauxetry: Gone Mental”

Information traffic on the mindly interstate
sticky pavement
worn out lines
an on-ramp meant to obviate.

Intricate design
of no design at all.

The metaphor’s been done before
unapologetically banal
but it’s the most descriptive way
I find
to draw the system of my mind.

“Great minds all think alike,” it’s said
but I would rather like to contend
that nothing is more untrue instead.

Great, feeble, simple, grand:
in the sand
the mind is too complex to draw.
The interstate is my representation
yours may be Grand Central Station
or a basement
full of shelves and books
a hallway riddled with crannies and nooks!

It’s your own mind for goodness sake
no one way is Scripture
it’s your own goddamn canvas
go ahead- paint your own mental picture.

yours truly, BBK

fauxetry: atrocious metrical writing : faux poet : words that may or may not rhyme : spontaneous composition : foem’s content is flattering to the faux poet only : reader response varies from annoyance, to ridicule, to nausea.

4 Responses to “Portraits in Motion”
  1. roadwax says:

    Oh, I get it…!!! Every now and then, you write what you regard as ironic mediocrity – ‘crumbs from a rich man’s plate’ – and then add a note to divorce yourself from what you have just written. Shame about the unintended typo but nevertheless, I simply love your version of kitsch. 9/10.

  2. Reblogged this on The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know and commented:
    I wrote a poem and it sucks. So I sent it to Lex over at lexborgia to make it better. Enjoy.

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