Hollywood Poker

“I’ll be back,” he says. You’re dead
And he ain’t bluffing
Your clothes, give them to me
Charles Bronson disagrees
smiles and posts the big blind
Death Wish 1, 2, 3, 4 of a kind

What about Tom?
Seductive cute in Risky Business, swinging
He came of age
as a Top Gun killer poker player
dispensing death at Cruise altitude
kills them good

Smith also plays well, blows them all to hell
crushed them with his bare hands
as superhero Hancock
read em and weep

Shoot em up, chop em up
blood and gore
death is our biggest export

I’ll see your asta la vista baby
and raise with they drew first blood
says Stallone
Clint goes all in, with go ahead make my day
Fold ‘em or die, says Krüger
but Jason never does
Friday the 13th is a royal flush

Brad, Bruce, Pacino, Deniro
big players
Jim Carey the king of naysayers
can Kick-Ass 2 in a Mask
til Stratham shows up
to whack them all
cause the bank got his bank
and the NRA got yours

Weapons specialists
death lists and killer kids as movie hits
box-office full of smokin aces

Hollywood Poker
dead bodies mega jackpot
pulp fiction from dusk til dawn
What time is Dexter on?

It’s popular
on the streets
in America
bad actors deal the cards
and the losers
get to die
like movie stars


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