Too great a Risk

The Disease

Chief Scientist Eskit Nam ordered his colleague to stop; the specimen was near expiration.

“Negative data yield. How many specimens have we examined?”
2nd Scientest Sidint Goz referenced a monitor. “172, Sir.”
“172.” Eskit Nam shook his head in desperation, devoid of answers for the first time in a long, distinguished career – the disease was unidentifiable.

These specimens from the lone star system of Prakzendo are biologically exact. Regional variance and pigmentation splatter result from evolutionary progression over several millennia, yet there are inherently homogenous. What process triggers the final manifestation of horrific deeds? Elusive, this unknown constant. An evolutionary flaw! Is that it?

“Sir!” Sidint Goz broke his contemplation. “Should we continue? There are two specimens still remaining, the white pellet eater from the far east side of the planet and a warrior from the empire of the bird.”
“No,” Eskit Nam answered, “we must accept the results. Dispose of the remaining material and send a final summary to my storage unit.”

At the hour of Frahgliz, Eskit Nam presented his findings to the High Council of the Mettsigino.

“Yes, great Hoob, that is my recommendation.”

The Great Hoob, Lyztrak Ven, flanked on each side by five council members, stroked his chins with three of the eight fingers of his right hand. The one ear which grew out from the back of the neck and always stood upright flapped forward and rested on the large blue, triangular shaped heads, a gesture of despair among the Mettsigino.

Protracted silence, followed by a loud tap of Lyztrak Ven’s steel tipped tail on the table that signalled the start of consultation recess.

Eskit Nam retired to his office, clear in conscience. There could be no other recommendation – this species destroys life even for the sake of sport. Now they have mastered the void, expanding ever outward, and with them this fatal condition. The Council will follow my advice.

The probes will reach our galaxy, our planet, in a matter of days, with a message of friendship. The risk is too great; they bring only death.

Eskit Nam read the bulletin sent to his unit by Sidint Goz:
‘Extermination. The annihilator has been dispatched to planet Earth.’

copyright©2014A.N Herbert

6 Responses to “Too great a Risk”
  1. makagutu says:

    Do I need to prepare for a possible outbreak of an unknown and incurable disease

    • lexborgia says:

      No, you only need to survive it, Don’t know what it’s called but the final manifestation is mass violence such as murder, war, and killing just for fun/sport.

  2. J. Milburn says:

    Ah. The “human” condition, a particularly nasty strain that infects billions and is passed on from generation to generation. I can understand why they would send an Annihilator. Great story!

  3. Couldn’t the annihilator compromise and just make middle-class America disappear?

    The scary thing is, it would be quite a logical decision for an alien race.

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