sexual (in)equality

Warning: contains sexually graphic language.

Is it a breach of etiquette when women speak openly of their sexual desires and disappointments? This woman, like countless others left high and dry by male selfishness does not care about your sensibilities. This is a rant of the first degree, a multi-layered catharsis of truth; angry, educational, funny, raunchy and hard hitting. Men, pull up a chair, class is in session.


the more i have sex, the more i realize women are unequal in the bedroom. this post will probably get me in trouble, so it comes with a disclaimer. i don’t believe most of what i’m writing but, as a woman, i think it’s easy to feel like we need to meet expectations in order “keep a man around.” whether it’s the entertainment industry, the books we read, or the stories we hear, women are often left behind once things become too ordinary.

i’ve only come across one man in my life who wanted to fuck me in the ass, cum on my face, bite me, scratch me, shove their cock down my throat so hard and deep my eyes water and i choke, have a threesome with another girl and call me a dirty whore WHO WAS ALSO okay with me fucking him in the ass, having a threesome…

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