All around me it’s Christmas, I’m told
good cheer and Santa on the way
saviours born to die and fly
under a star
to the sound of cash registers and credit cards
singing carrols written in numbers

Shop and you shall be saved
eat, drink and be merry
Christ died for your sins
ego tripping on a cross somewhere out east
to free his spirit for a turkey dinner
and a Christmas tree

I don’t believe

The lady on TV says there’s a war on Christmas
What does she mean?
Shoppers dying bargain hunting! Must be

A hollow day that changes nothing
if you don’t get paid
A circus tent to put our goodness on display
and anticipate
what we’re getting
as others break
under the strain of mandatory giving
capitalism’s greatest triumph

Then it’s over
Jesus is still dead
the sinner is in debt
and in his heart survives the wicked from before

Let Rudolph fly and Jesus rise
without me
I believe only in icecream

11 Responses to “Icecream”
  1. Wish I could actually eat icecream. I believe in the Dr (Who that is) is that gonna pull me through this Christmas shit? 🙂

  2. Now I can’t think of anything else, and I haven’t got any: ice cream that is

  3. dhonour says:

    Ice cream is good thing to believe in. That said, I chose wine.

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