There are 5 words to say 25 things
about the 10 most dishonest people
at the Forbes Top 100 companies
created in the last 50 years
4 of those 10 are excluded
for 9 reasons
due to threats of litigation
we can say that in the last 7 years
6 founding CEOs
passed the reins to women
which did not please 3 men
making 8-figure salaries
on the backs of workers
receiving 200 per week
in China
and other low wage countries
earning as little as 30
with up to 12 mouths to feed
under tax rates of 18
plus vat as high as 20
and most of them can’t read
so we’ll only use two:
Greedy Assholes.

7 Responses to “Two”
  1. Spot on! No better way of putting it.

  2. Brilliant old chum.

  3. Eric Alagan says:

    LOL, good one!

  4. makagutu says:

    Brilliant! Well said

  5. Really good. That’s a new way to laugh at statistics and the greedy in one post.!

  6. The Nerd has spoken! The world trembles! Neat job Lex

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